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Time to Pick the WINNING Candidate for the JOB

Time to Pick the WINNING Candidate for the JOB

Too bad you don’t have sixteen weeks of testing to find the perfect candidate!

I will admit it. My guilty pleasure is watching a few reality TV programs. “The Next Food Network Star” and “Celebrity Apprentice” are two of my favorites.

I happily watch the trials and tribulations of the prospective job candidates as they jump through hoops, complete challenging projects under pressure and compete with each other to win the position. I find it ironic it is called a REALITY show. It is far from reality.

In reality businesses do not have multiple weeks of pitting candidates against each other. The selection process is limited to evaluating the initial response to inquiries, the resume submitted, the short interview process and reference calls (if possible).

In reality, the search for the perfect employee process can be a grueling, expensive and often repeated process of unsuccessful candidate selection.

There is a better way. Assessments can give you an indication of a person’s tendencies and possibility of success in a particular occupation. The Harrison Assessment is designed specifically with job performance in mind. With just a short 30 minutes questionnaire, completed online multiple reliable reports can be generated that can not only help you choose the right candidate but also attract them into accepting the position once they have been identified.

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