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Amazing Job Race
Too bad you don't have sixteen weeks of challenges, obstacle courses and road blocks to find the winning ... read more
War for Talent
Companies today are constantly in a war for talent. Identifying the right targets and having the ability to ... read more
Gen X & Gen Y
Harrison Assessments International recognizes that as the population ages, the competition for attracting good, skilled Gen X and ... read more
talent pipeline
Are you getting nervous about how to fill your talent pipeline during the next few years? If you ... read more
Race for the Best Employees
Are you winning the race for the best employees? Today's labor market is highly competitive. The skills needed ... read more
Critical 90 Days of a New Hire
Medical professionals talk about the "critical hour." This is the first hour after someone has a heart attack. ... read more
Attracting Gen X and Gen Y candidates
Do You have a battle plan for attracting Gen X and Gen Y candidates for employment? Companies today ... read more
"People are not your most important asset - the right people are" - Jim Collins. Like the various color tones ... read more
Hybrid Workplace
The pandemic changed the way the business world operated overnight. Before COVID-19, most organizations had not developed virtual approaches to employee management and engagement. When they were forced to go online, they soon ... read more
A Guide to Hiring Remote Employees
The pandemic and rapid shift to remote work upturned many industries, but companies across the globe are adjusting. Because times have changed, human resource leaders will ... read more
How Leaders Can Thrive in a Hybrid Work Environment
Our CEO, Dr Dan Harrison was recently asked his thoughts in an article by William Arruda published in Forbes. Titled ... read more
How Talent Analytics Can Support Your Team
Talent Analytics are key to creating training programs that improve workplace performance. While 70% of companies ... read more
How COVID-19 Shone a Spotlight on Empathy in the Workplace
Historically, empathy has not been a driving force in most workplace cultures. While plenty of organizations have placed value on creating positive, collaborative work environments, they ... read more
Why Feedback Skills Need To Be Stellar For Remote Leadership
The last few years have brought various degrees of change for every type of business, including the growth of remote-work options more

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