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Enjoyment-Performance Theory

What do you like to do?
“What do you like to do?”
Wouldn't "What do you like to do?" be a great question for you the job applicant to hear from [...]
Stop complaining and just DO it
Just DO it!
"I HATE my work!" How successful do you think someone will be at a job who says this? [...]
Work Satisfaction
Three Keys to Work Satisfaction
It seems basic. If you like what you are doing it doesn't feel so much like work. If [...]
Quit without quitting - I hate my job
Quit without Quitting?
You show up to work every day, sit at your desk, and start working. But are you really [...]
Blood Test for Sick Employees
Blood Test for Sick Employees
If you had a worker who came into your office and said they weren't feeling well, you would [...]
Heart Attack Mondays
Watch out for MONDAYS - Happiness at work
Can Happiness at your job affect your health? Watch out for Mondays. Dr. Stephen Sinatra answered the question, [...]
Happiness at Work
Does Happiness at Work REALLY Matter?
Susan Adams writes in Forbes: "We often hear that a happy workplace is a great place for productivity [...]
Career GPS
Use the Career GPS - The Harrison That Is
Imagine a whole country of job opportunities and career paths. The opportunities are sometimes elusive, and the paths [...]
Attracting Gen X and Gen Y candidates
Battle Plan for Attracting Gen X and Gen Y Candidates
Do You have a battle plan for attracting Gen X and Gen Y candidates for employment? Companies today [...]
Career Map
How Long Will You Stay Lost without Consulting a Map?
There are over 6500 job descriptions listed at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's quite a forest to [...]
Hybrid Workplace
The Benefits of the Hybrid Workplace
The pandemic changed the way the business world operated overnight. Before COVID-19, most organizations had not developed virtual approaches to employee management and engagement. When they were forced to go online, they soon [...]

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