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The Fourth CRUCIAL Step of Good Hiring

The Fourth CRUCIAL Step of Good Hiring

Can you learn enough about a person in one interview to make a thoroughly good decision to hire? Most firms go through a three step process to hire someone.

Step 1- Gather Applications and sort to find five to ten good candidates.

Step 2- Run background check and possibly basic skill test.

Step 3- Interview the candidates. Each interview typically lasts less than an hour.

This is where most companies end the process. A supervisor or HR person talks to the person and based upon a short question and answer session decides which candidate they like best for the job.

But can you really determine who the best person for the job is based upon one good interview? Good frank chats are excellent. Most people try to do this during the interview but it is quite difficult due to the applicant having a vested interest in getting the job and the company having a vested interest in candidates they think are top candidates. This is a good part of the reason that interviews have proven to be least effective in predicting job success and job satisfaction.

Step 4 is one of the most CRUCIAL steps. The Hiring Assessment.

The Harrison Job Suitability Assessment measures 175 factors that can impact both job satisfaction and job performance. These are quantified and mapped out in order to obtain employee engagement, job satisfaction and retention. About 40-50 of those factors apply to a specific job.

It is very unlikely that the interviewer would successfully quantify even a portion of the factors during a frank discussion. When it comes to making high stakes decisions, having comprehensive high quality information is the key to success.

Our research and validation clearly show our assessment (has predictability up to 85% if both eligibility and suitability are assessed) to be many times more successful than interviews in predicting job success, retention and job satisfaction. Most importantly, having this important data mapped becomes the foundation for a frank discussion that will lead to a mutually beneficial employment relationship.

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