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What is The Return on Investment from Using a Good Hiring Assessment?
By Andrew Hodges

Is it worth it to pay for a good hiring assessment? I can only go on my own experience and my answer is absolutely!

In another life I was a General Manager for an Engineering consulting firm. (I had no experience in this field I have purely commercial background) When I started we had 8 staff, after 12 months we had 18 staff. All of the new employees were employed via the Harrison JobFit Assessment. The existing staff had also been through the process as well.

Before I arrived the business was stuck on 6 – 8 staff and stuck on the $0.5M -$08M revenue stream for 4 years prior to me arriving.

Our company went from a revenue base of $0.8M to $2.5M in 12 months. Profits more than tripled! I even got a $20,000 bonus for achieving what was thought to be very stretch targets. We were a finalist for the fastest growing company in 2013. (BDO fastest movers comp – independent data verification process.) We introduced new services, (including Harrison Assessments to our clients) and had the right people in the right role, staff and customers loved our new culture. I drove the business with new systems and processes as well. All this was done on straight cash flow. No outside funding was involved.

Of course not everything about our success can be attributed to HATS; however, it was a major component in the rebuild process.

As you can see, that’s quite a return on investment. HATS allowed me to grow this business fast by helping me put the right people in the right “seats on the bus”. I used all the HATS tools – recruiting, development, benchmarking, and coaching for success. I focused on the tools and learned how HATS works.

I was so impressed by the return on the investment in the Harrison Assessment that I started my own business, Hodges Advisory Services and provide HATS services to a wide range of clients. The ROI for using HATS is priceless for my clients, as it helps them not only in their working lives but in their private lives as well.



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