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Jobfit Pathologist

Jobfit Pathologist

Harrison Assessments - Your JobFit Pathologist

There are more than 6500 assessments available today, not counting the 5 question “What color is your aura” ones. However, there is only one that is specifically tailored to job fit and job suitability.

Taking the Harrison Assessment is comparable to visiting a Pathologist. The process is a lot easier and a lot less painful than drawing blood, though. It is a 30 minute online questionnaire specifically designed to measure the intensity level of 175 different traits. HA profiles your “Passion and Work DNA.”

Just as a doctor would use the pathologist’s report, a Harrison Certified consultant will decipher the report and use it to make a diagnosis and recommend the best intervention. The report will then be explained to you, much like a doctor presenting the results of the blood test would be, and areas for improvement will be identified. HA coaches can then provide professional help.

If you are “unwell” in your current employment position or you feel “ill” suited for the position (meaning you are unhappy in performing many of the tasks the job requires), then a new job task, a new position within the company, or a whole new career may be the prescribed path to wellness.

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