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Don't Judge a Book (Job Candidate) by its Cover (Resume)

Don't Judge a Book (Job Candidate) by its Cover (Resume)

My momma told me to never judge a book by its cover and to never choose a mate solely based upon looks. If you want someone for show, pick the ones that look good. If you want a reliable, trustworthy person of integrity than you cannot choose based upon looks alone.

Your employment decision works the same way. You can choose a candidate strictly off of the paper resume and how high they score on a skills test...OR... you can take it one step further. Dig deeper into the inside of their book by using an assessment and interview process. Find out whether a particular candidate is going to be reliable, dedicated, and passionate enough. Will she have the integrity to work in your company's culture? Look beyond the pretty picture of the spiffed up resume and first interview clothing. Choosing the right person can help alleviate the pain of turnover.

Dating sites such as E-Harmony and understand this principle. That's why each person is asked to fill out a questionnaire about themselves and what they are looking for in a mate. Hiring assessments are an excellent tool that can help you read the "inside" of the potential hire. They ask the candidate about themselves. They give you a peek on the inner motivations of a candidate and can predict how suitable a person may be for a particular position.

Job specific assessments are even more powerful in that they can predict what tasks a person finds enjoyable performing and whether they will be successful in a current position or one they aspire to having. The Harrison Assessment offers a job specific method that can not only help you hire the right person, but can help you come up with a development plan that will help your current employees improve performance.

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