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Hire Right or this could be you
Hiring right the first time can save you a lot of time and your company a lot of ... read more
New Role of HR Manager
Hiring and development of good talent is getting a boost from more sophisticated data management. Forward thinking companies ... read more
Fourth Crucial Step to Good Hiring
Can you learn enough about a person in one interview to make a thoroughly good decision to hire? ... read more
Turnover - Ants Fleeing the Colony
"Why is everybody leaving?" he said as he stomped into the office. "In the last four weeks we've ... read more
Don't Judge a Job Candidate by Its Resume
My momma told me to never judge a book by its cover and to never choose a mate ... read more
Jobfit Pathologist
Harrison Assessments - Your JobFit Pathologist There are more than 6500 assessments available today, not counting the 5 question ... read more
"People are not your most important asset - the right people are" - Jim Collins. Like the various color tones ... read more
Are You CUT for the Job?
Diamonds are cut in many ways, namely round, princess, single cut, old European, radiant, and pear, just to ... read more
The Jekyll and Hyde Hire
Have you ever had the PERFECT candidate on paper and then after hiring, training and putting them to ... read more
Winning Candidate
Too bad you don't have sixteen weeks of testing to find the perfect candidate! I will admit it ... read more
Four Types of People you Hire
Lou Adler said, when it comes to hiring there are only four types of people in the world ... read more
Retention up 83%
Want excellent customer service? - start by recruiting the right staff. It was 1990 and BP and the Australian Commonwealth Employment Service (CES, now Centrelink) had a problem ... read more
Strategic Employee Onboarding
The first 90 days of a new hire are critical because they can determine whether the person stays in the job and is productive and successful, leaves the job dissatisfied, or is terminated for poor performance. ... read more
AI in Recruitment
It is increasingly common to hear HR Tech and Assessment companies talk about their AI features. By AI, of course, we mean Artificial Intelligence. In this article we intend to more
How to improve Employee Engagement
The importance of Employee Engagement has become incredibly apparent in this era of remote working but it remains one of the more misunderstood concepts in business. .. read more
A Guide to Hiring Remote Employees
The pandemic and rapid shift to remote work upturned many industries, but companies across the globe are adjusting. Because times have changed, human resource leaders will ... read more
How to Identify Transferable Job Skills
Before the pandemic, people experienced work in a completely different way. Specifically, remote and hybrid work models were ... read more
Why Feedback Skills Need To Be Stellar For Remote Leadership
The last few years have brought various degrees of change for every type of business, including the growth of remote-work options more
Transforming Employee Engagement: Aligning Employee Aspirations with Corporate Objectives
The last few years have brought various degrees of change for every type of business, including the growth of remote-work Imagine a workplace where you consistently kindle the fire of employee engagement, where your workforce is as fervently dedicated to your organization's success as to their own personal pursuits.options more
An Effective Hiring Process Attracts the Right People
To make both strategic and tactical talent decisions you need an effective hiring process and a tool specifically designed to address the challenge of finding the right people for your more

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